Wedding Video/DVDs

Panache Video Productions pays great attention to every detail of your wedding and we record many close-ups Custom-made to delight

A wedding is a wonderful occasion! So much planning and preparation goes into this special day that a video of the event, that allows you to relive your special day even decades from now is a great idea.

For Weddings we usually record the following:

  • Preparations of the bride (and groom)
  • The reception venue (so you can also see what it looked like!)
  • Outside the church, everyone arriving (in a number of years it is going to be great fun to see what everyone looked like on the day)
  • The whole ceremony
  • The bride and groom emerging from church
  • The taking of photographs
  • The reception (speeches, throwing of bouquet, cutting of cake, First Dance, etc.) and we stay till you tell us to go.
  • Comments/good wishes from guests can also be included.

Multi-camera recording

Unless it is a very small affair, we record weddings with at least two cameras, to ensure good coverage and capture of all the special moments.

A three-hour Wedding DVD, recorded with three cameras, edited and chaptered, will cost approximately R25,000.00

Travel charged at R4/km.

Panache Video Productions edits Wedding Videos with into slick productions.

The Final Product

You will receive the professionally edited footage DVD, with chapter points, listed on the back of the box insert. A Wedding Video is usually between 2 and 3 hours long (the duration depends mostly only the length of the sermon and speeches).

Editing includes opening and closing titles and music of your choice anything on CD/digital files. All the poor shots, which are unavoidable at a wedding (e.g. people walking into shot and staying there and/or turning their backs on the camera, etc.) are removed and live music/background sound is cross-faded to avoid harsh audio cuts. The Wedding Invitation is usually scanned/recorded as well and included in the opening sequence.

Wedding DVDs -- the number of discs depends on the length of the entire edited programme -- are packaged in a DVD Presentation Box (that houses 2/3/4 discs) with full colour labels and box insert. You can provide the photograph to print on the front of the presentation case. The DVD can either be chaptered or authored. With a Chaptered DVD, every forward on your remote/computer will get you to the next chapter, with the chapters listed on the back of the DVD Presentation Box insert. (An Authored DVD has a personalised menu from which specific sections to view can be chosen.)


Chances are your Wedding DVD set will consist of more than one DVD. IF there are 2 Master DVDs (i.e. the programme is not longer than 180 minutes), copies will cost @ R100 each for 1-10 copies. The more copies ordered simultaneously, the lower the unit price.

Panache Video Productions pays great attention to every detail of your wedding and we record many close-ups


Full Authoring (providing a menu with an unlimited amount of chapters) @ R450/hr. (Amount of time spent will depend on the number of chapters and duration of the entire video.)

Highlights, a much shorter (10 - 15 minute) version of the day that can be added either at the front or back of the entire wedding as an additional chapter/menu item.

Life History Photographs of the Bride and Groom, which usually precedes footage of the wedding itself, can be added, along with titles, and edited to music. (Own music can be supplied, on CD/digital files. Otherwise, we have music from which you can choose.) Such a sequence can be completed prior to the Wedding and can be played during the reception.

Additional charge: R400.00/hour for recording and editing of photos, slides, old film material, etc. You can save yourself a lot of money by providing photographs in digital format, clearly titled according to the order of appearance. (If this is not possible, we can do the scanning for you.) For more information about putting old footage/photos into a video programme or onto DVD, please see Transfers to DVD.

The editing/scanning time required will depend on the number of photographs and in what form we receive them.

Have a look at the article Tips to ensure a great Wedding Video. (It also includes links to photographers, etc.)

Panache Video Productions has produced scores of Wedding videos/DVDs