Video Editing / Post-production

Panache Video Productions can do wonderful things with Power Point-based video productions Woman by shack As you can tell from the equipment, we have decades of editing experience! Light aircraft yield great aerial shots Director and presenter Shaba (Cornerstone College Corporate Video, Johannesburg) Getting the close-ups for the series Map Reading, recorded in the HAUM Studios, Pretoria

We edit on the cutting-edge, versatile, stable Grassvalley (previously Canopus) system (Edius VI), ensuring broadcast quality. Panache is usually involved from conception to completion of a video production, but we will also gladly edit your already recorded footage. We have decades of experience with video editing and can make virtually anything work -- if needs be some imaginative and creative effects can be used to seamlessly cobble together material that wasn't recorded all that well. (Generally we stick to fairly straight-forward editing; if the script and camera work is what it should be, few effects are required!)

One doesn't always realise just how much titling and the sound track add to a video production but it can, in fact, make or break a programme! We have two large copyright free music libraries which will save you a great deal of money and are experts at choosing suitable music to obtain the desired "feel" of the video production. Once we have pre-selected a number of cuts, we ask the client to make the final choices, before video editing commences. (Of course, if you need music specially composed, that too can be arranged.)

In addition to a wide selection of music, Panache Video Productions has approximately 100 hours of stock shots footage, meticulously catalogued, so if we have it, we can find what you need in short order. Such shots are frequently invaluable when it comes to adding interest to a video production and often the availability of such shots can save the client a great deal of money!

The choice of voice-over artist is extremely important. Once we know what you have in mind (age/sex/pronunciation/hard or soft sell, etc.) we can suggest tried and trusted voices and send you examples of their work.

Clients are welcome to drop in during the editing process and once a programme has been completed it is the easiest and fastest if the person responsible for programme approval and can come view the end result at the studio.

Our expertise and editing system, as well as additional software, allow us to transfer to and from almost any file format.

Event recording for a birthday celebration, Pretoria. Life Videos make for unique and special personalised gifts Educational videos are becoming increasing important, also for use on the internet Recording a marketing video in a meat packaging facility, Ireland (County Foods) The popular Socks for Wielie Walie were Liesel's brainchildren On location near Nelspruit, Limpopo Province On location near Hartebeestpoort Dam, Gauteng. Liesel is a seasoned TV presenter