The Way We Work

Video recording at the University of Pretoria Health Centre Studio set of the educational series Analytical Geometry, recorded in Pretoria Helicopters are great for getting aerial shots Actresses Danelle Drury and Dina van Rensburg presenting a corporate video Event recording at the Rautenbach Theatre, Pretoria, Gauteng On location in Rhino Eco Park (Anglo American Corporate video).

We aim to please!

Panache also subscribes to the principle that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well – and to produce a great video, one needs a good and comprehensive script. Therefore -- unless it is an unscripted programme, as in the case of a function/event recording -- meticulous research is done and a complete script is presented to the client for approval before any camera work is scheduled. Generally the client provides the information on which the script is to be based and, if necessary, we will visit your premises/the factory/laboratory etc. before completing a concept script, to make sure we get all our facts and our shot list straight. We then e-mail you a concept script (in approximately one week) for your input/approval. Working in this way, with the script as solid foundation, obviates unnecessary cost -- and a great deal of hassle!

It seems unlikely but, in fact, generally writing/finalising the script is the production phase that takes the longest! We provide the script in story board form, so that the client can easily see exactly what visuals will illustrate every part of the voice-over commentary and/or which sections will contain only music in the audio track, or on-camera presentation. 

It is inexpensive and simple to make changes on paper; however, changes to a completed programme are quite a different matter - not only immensely time-consuming, difficult and frustrating, but also extraordinarily costly.

Camera recordings are scheduled once the script has been approved, in writing. Following camera recordings (and voice-over recording), post-production can begin.

Once you tell us what you have in mind as far as the voice-over artist is concerned (age/sex/pronunciation/hard or soft sell), we can suggest tried and trusted artists and provide you with audio clips from which to make your selection. On the whole, is is not a good idea to use a non-professional voice to carry your message!

All elements that go into the final programme should preferably be approved before video editing commences – art work, titles, animation, voice-over artist, and music. In many ways it is simpler and faster if the person responsible for final programme approval, can come and view and approve the various elements that will become part of the video in studio, before editing begins; if that is not possible, the files/voice clips are e-mailed to you for approval.

Once the editing has been completed, the client is invited to view the final video production in studio (in the case of a short programme) or a Viewing DVD is provided. Naturally the client can request simple visual changes even after the programme has been completed. However, the voice-over commentary or live sound that was recorded on location or in the studio can obviously not be changed at this stage (hence the all import script approval), without incurring significant additional costs. Clients are, of course, also welcome to come and view the progress during the editing process.

When the final programme/Viewing DVD and art work for labels and box inserts have been approved in writing, copies are produced and the job is ready to be collected or delivered.

A 50% down-payment is required before production commences and the balance of payment is due once the final video/DVD production has been approved by the client.

Way back when the weather presenters had to draw their own maps! Panache Video Productions can take care of all your animation needs. From a corporate video production for Anglo Vaal, Thambazimbi. Event recording with the three-camera unit Liesel has many years of experience writing and producing children's programmes SABC old-timers at the 2012 reunion