Panache Video Productions does whatever it takes to get the job done  here the autocue is set up outside, at night Presenter Danelle Drury (SAWebsites Marketing Video) Event recording, Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria From a Corporate Video on heavy machinery Many of the video productions we produce are for clients based in Johannesburg Actors Adrian Freeman and Clementine Mosimane with the crew of the e-tv series X-Peri Shop, recorded in studio, Pretoria

Once you have told us what you need, so that we can figure out how many days we will require to record, what talent and props are required, etc., we provide you with a detailed budget -- free of charge.

The cost of programmes vary from as little as R800/running minute to R4,000+/running minute, depending on whether the programme is straight-forward or requires helicopter shots, 3-D animation, famous-name actors, puppets, huge studio sets, etc. (For a corporate video programme of 20 minutes in duration that requires one day of video recording, with professional voice-over commentary and logo animation, expect to pay approximately R2,800 per running programme minute.)

Videos of functions -- during which all shots are recorded consecutively -- generally require much less recording as well as editing time and such programmes are, therefore, much less costly.
A 2-hour edited programme of e.g. a conference/concert, recorded with two or more cameras, will cost approximately R15,000.00 if names and titles, music, etc. are added and the programme is provided with opening and closing sequences/end titles.

Please click on the appropriate Questionnaire button below to fill out the all the details and we'll send you an accurate quote. Or call if you would rather discuss you requirements (012 460 2511).

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